Paintings & Photography

Painted: March, 2013
While living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I planted a morning glory vine along my back wall. Every morning when I looked out the dining room window, these bright, vibrant flowers would remind me of God's heart for me--that He loved me and all humanity so much that He would create such beauty for us to enjoy. These flowers truly proclaimed God's glory. Psalm 19.


Christmas 2011. I enjoy doing calligraphy, although I hadn't done any for a while. For Christmas 2011 I asked each of my siblings and wives for a couple of their favourite verses and songs. I intertwined the two, the verse being in dark ink and the song being in gold on a light-print background. Then I framed them and gave them to them for Christmas. This is one of the sets I did, although the photos I took aren't the greatest because of the glare on the glass. I really enjoyed doing this for my siblings--and is probably as "crafty" as I get in my art.
(Posted Oct. 22, 2013)